Ever since I tried on a pair of the Ahnu Women’s Karma Flat in a store, I have been wanting to get my hands on a pair for our upcoming journey. So when Ahnu offered to send me a pair to review, I was thrilled!

Anyone who knows me will tell you I hate close-toed shoes. Hate them. I get so very sad every fall when I have to pull out the boots and put the flip-flops away until next summer. When we travel, I generally enjoy warmer climates so that I can live barefoot or in shoes that let my toes breath! However, every so often I have to suck it up and wear a pair of shoes that covers my toes and gives me a little more protection than my beloved flip-flops. I am constantly on the look out for shoes that fit my picky criteria.

1. Comfort. We currently live in New York so I walk… a lot. This does not change when we travel.

2. Comfort. I spend lots of time chasing after toddlers. Blisters and other foot pain of any kind are not my friend.

3. Comfort. I hate close-toed shoes. Hate them. But if I have to wear them, I like to feel like I am not.

4. Versatility. I really like shoes that work with jeans, shorts, or a (not too fancy) skirt and can be worn in a variety of situations.

5. Attractiveness. I prefer the shoes I wear be at least minimally cute. No real reason, I just like it that way.

The Ahnu Karmas fit all of my above criteria. Add to that the fact that Ahnu is a socially and environmentally responsible company and I just may be wearing the perfect traveling shoe.

The Pros:

– These shoes are super comfortable. I have not developed any blisters on my feet from them and that is a big deal since I get blisters EVERY time I try a new pair of shoes. I walked around New York City for hours at a time and had no discomfort.

– A close-toed shoe that is open on the sides? Yes, please! Best of both worlds!

– The Karmas are stylish enough to be paired with a skirt and practical enough to be worn around town with jeans or shorts.

– Rubber sole works great to prevent slipping.

– These shoes are extremely lightweight and feel flexible on my feet.

– I noticed that, while I do not generally like “support” in my shoes, the Karmas offer just enough so that my feet don’t feel exhausted but not so much that I really notice it.

– I have enough room in these shoes to allow for swollen feet after a long day of walking or to add a pair of socks if I get chilly.

The Cons:

– These shoes are not 100% versatile. While I think they could be worn comfortably for long days of walking as well as moderate walks, any substantial hike would need another shoe that offers protection on the side of the foot. To be fair, the Karmas are not marketed as a hiking shoe. It should just be noted that you may not be able to travel with these shoes alone.

– The fact that these shoes are made of leather means they cannot be worn into Hindu temples around the world. Not a big deal for some but, being a lover of all things India, I thought of it right away. (Side note: walking around a temple in the midday sun without shoes on is….um… difficult. Bring socks.) ** Note: Ahnu contacted me after the original publication of this article to inform me that in July they will be introducing a vegan version of the Karma! **

– The sizing seems to be a bit on the small side so if you are ordering online, make sure you allow yourself enough time to exchange sizes through the mail if need be. Thankfully, Ahnu offers free shipping and free returns on all orders through their website. When I realized that the size 8 1/2 I ordered was just a little too small, Ahnu let me exchange them with no fuss and got me a new pair right away!

Bottom Line:

Really great shoes that I am excited to be taking on our journey! Highly recommended.

What are your favorite shoes to take when you travel?

** Ahnu graciously provided a pair of Karmas, free of charge, for Witness Humanity to review. All opinions here are our own personal thoughts and experiences. **