How to Live a Nomadic Lifestyle?

  • Why travel for an indefinite period?

First of all, know that this lifestyle is not for everyone and is very different from the 15 days or three weeks of vacation you are used to. It’s not the same pace, it’s not the same budget, it’s not the same experience.

However, it is a way of life that allows one to know a country more deeply, to learn the local language, to deepen one’s knowledge of the culture and history of a country and to become friends with the locals. My best travels are those made by the encounters and where I stayed longer to get to know the country better. Among my favourite countries are the United Kingdom and Argentina, where I spent a lot of time.

If you like to travel, be surprised and challenged every day, if you like to meet different people from all over the world, if you like to face challenges, get out of your comfort zone, work in different environments, be able to explore the world, one day after the other, this is without a doubt the way of life for you.

If you like freedom, do not work in an office, work independently and alone, if you like to be able to decide overnight to change city, country or even continent, if you like to organize your own pace of work, then again it is a perfect way of life for you.

If you enjoy living 1,000 lives and discovering new experiences, you may like to travel indefinitely.

In any case, it is my daily life and it is all these reasons that make me completely addicted to this lifestyle.

  • How do I Finance an undetermined nomadic trip?

There is not a single answer or magic formula. I myself am a digital nomad and only a small part of the Nomads. This means that I work from my computer, that I only need my computer and Wi-Fi to work, nothing more!

However, there are dozens of other ways of doing things and becoming a freelancer, is not the only solution: chaining the odd jobs around the world, working six months of the year somewhere and going to travel six months in the surroundings, teaching languages or yoga, setting up a business, doing Pvts, being employed at a distance and so on.

  • How to plan an indeterminate trip?

As you have seen above, I did not plan this life, events occurred more or less well, I worked hard to realize my dream and I move forward each day by putting one foot in front of the other. I’m not planning much, and I’m planning less and less. I choose a destination that makes me want, I see what it is in terms of the visa, health, security, the Internet and budget, I take a plane ticket and goooo, come what may! I can also be influenced by the encounters, the moods, a discounted airfare or whatever… I have an idea of what my nomadic year will look like, but every time, things are not as I had planned them, and maybe it’s much better!