What is a “free-school” philosophy?

There has been much literature written on the free-schooling philosophy but, in short, a free-school philosophy is a method of learning that trusts a person’s natural inclination to explore and learn new things rather than relying on an  outside motivator such as a teacher.

In a school setting, free-school students would self-direct their days and their own curriculum. They would choose what, how, when, and with whom to study. Adults in a free-school space act more as mentors and guides than traditional teachers.

For our purposes, a free-school philosophy means valuing a young person’s input, needs, and  desires. It means allowing all travelers time to process things in their own way never telling fellow travelers what they “must” do or how they “must” react. It is a truly freeing experience to see the world, free of expectations and pressures.

It is also important to note that frees-school travelers are also given the freedom to perform any and all tasks they are capable of doing for themselves. From  ordering foods at local markets for lunch to carrying their own packs thought the rail stations-  we always operate on the belief that the flip side of freedom is responsibility.

Lots of information can be found online, in print, and in podcast form on the concepts of free-schooling as an alternative to traditional education.