How are you doing this?

In truth, through a lot of hard work! We are saving, researching, planning, and saving some more. We do not have much disposable income so we are also letting go of material possessions we do not need. We no longer have cable, Jenni’s cell phone plan has been downgraded, we cook at home and do not eat out except on special occasions, we keep our heat a little lower and our lights off when we leave a room, we are buying what we can second hand, we stay in more than we go out, and we are selling anything that does not get us closer to our goal. We also strive to live in as healthy a manner as possible to prevent unnecessary illness costs. This means eating raw fruits and veggies, avoiding things like cow dairy, sugars, and processed foods as much as possible, juicing every morning for added nutrition, and relying on natural cures for minor ailments. We belong to a food co-op to make our healthy lifestyle more affordable but we believe that preventing illness by maintaining our health through nutrition and natural remedies is a cost that pays off in the long run!

We are also spending a fair amount of time doing our research into cost-effective ways of traveling internationally. When you really look at the math, long-term travelers actually spend far less than short term travelers. How? Well, if you are in one spot for at least a month, you can rent an apartment or house for cheaper than what it would cost to stay in a hotel for the same amount of time. Renting also allows you to cook at least some meals at “home”. Since there are no “vacation days” to abide by, slow traveling also allows for over-land travel or traveling only when the cost of a ticket matches your budget. The cost of living including healthcare, food, and transport can also make traveling less expensive than staying home. I should know….. Last summer, while my landlord in New York completed some renovations on the house, I traveled to India for the summer because it was far cheaper than staying in New York and finding a sublet!

Lastly, we are working hard to develop location independent careers. Blogging, teaching English, and consulting are all options for continually funding our dream life.

Saving, selling, researching, and getting creative are really going to pay off next year!