How to Earn Money While Traveling the World?

While there is general agreement that savings will have to be made before going offshore, it is rarely clear how much money will have to be saved in practice, as it is still very relative. On average, for one year of travel, the trend is at least $ 15,000 per traveller, which is the price of a small economy car !

There are a thousand and one ways to finance your trip, but here I am specifically addressing people who have neither the time nor the means or the desire to save! If you think it will take years of hard work and sacrifice to save and finance a world tour, there are much easier solutions.

If you want to travel in the short or medium term, the solution would be to save a small amount of money and work at the same time. On average, if you have 5000 dollars and you plan to start your trip from Asia for example, you will have plenty of time to get well in the bath, so to prepare yourself psychologically for work. On average, you will spend $ 500 a month, time to enjoy a little, analyze and understand your environment. Working hours vary from three to six hours per day, depending on your needs and expenses.

Earn real money online

It is relatively easy to work on the internet today. Sites like offer freelance jobs and offer you jobs in translation, programming, writing or computer graphics as an example. You could also go a more unusual route and try and make some extra cash on online casino sites. Hunt for no deposit bonus offers and play games until you use up your free money and see if you win something. After spending some time doing this, you will get better and increase your chances of winning even more. Look around and see if there is a deal you like. You can earn enough to pay for one month of travel, up to $ 1,000 if you manage well (you can earn them in two / three weeks up to four hours of work per day). It is enough to live properly for a month in India, Cambodia or Nepal to name but a few. For example, one month’s rent in Kathmandu will only cost you $ 220.

Fruit Picking, the ideal job for travelers

But the most popular job for travelers is still fruit picking in Australia and New Zealand. Each year, thousands of European backpackers begin their travels in these two countries. The goal is to make enough money in six months to go around the world. The job is paid 3,000 or 4,000 dollars per month, which allows them to save real money for a year and the opportunity to discover these countries. Fortunately, nowadays you can make money fast. How? Well, that’s easy just get no deposit bonus codes from Ignition Casino and learn about the new promotions going on over there. Our sources tell us they are simply outstanding.

Feel free to ask for work visas

Instead of making a tourist visa (in countries that are easy to access), pay a little more and apply for a work visa. With a good English especially and a good French, you can teach these languages or manage a restaurant. Sometimes these jobs come with packages that include visa payment, accommodation and even sometimes a scooter. I once saw in Vietnam an offer of the kind paid ten dollars a half day in a nightclub. We agree, it is not huge but you win when even the accommodation, the consumption and the cost of visas, which significantly restricts your spending!

Travelling with a lot of savings: the boomerang effect

I have an example to share with you, that of an American who had a scholarship. A 28-year-old American soldier that I hosted via couchsurfing two years ago, while he was touring the world. At the end of his military service in Iraq, his allowances amounted to more than $ 20,000. He had the choice between going back to university with this money (in addition to the financial aid from the army) or taking a trip around the world. He opted for the second choice and decided to start his trip from Japan. “Bad idea” he had told me, because he had paid out, in two months, the equivalent of 7,000 dollars. This expenditure is due to the fact that Japan is expensive and had left with a psychological handicap: having enough savings ! In fact, when you think you have a good margin to travel and, in addition, you have no experience, then you will spend without counting.

Saving money with Couchsurfing

As a result of this type of expenditure, it becomes necessary to understand how to adopt a good strategy.  In the case of this American, he also visited the Couchsurfing site (especially in Europe and some Asian countries), which allows to sleep at home. Literally, the name of the site means surfing on the couch ! On this site, you will find announcements and requests for accommodation all over the world. The duration is to be negotiated with the host who selects the guests via their profiles. You can’t sleep over everywhere, either because the hotel costs only a few dollars in some areas (and it’s better sometimes to rest in a hotel), or because the site is not known in some countries or because the practice is prohibited (as in Belgium).

Disadvantages of couchsurfing

Personally, I do not use it (except to receive travelers). We never know who we are going to fall on and very often we have to adapt to the rhythm of the person who is hosting us : for example if he has to go to work, he will have to go out at the same time as him and also return after his return. Sometimes, after a long trip, you want to rest while the host wants to discuss, socialize or show us around a place.  There is not much room for manoeuvre because you never feel at home. If you’re the type to socialize even if you’re tired of Transportation, couchsurfing is for you. Many people find their accounts and travel only with this system.