Who we are

We are partners in life and travel. Combined, we have been to 20 countries already and we will continue to add to that list. Our commitment to extended travel comes from a belief in living life in a fully present and purposeful way coupled with an awareness of the interconnectedness of people across the globe. We believe first and foremost that community still exists and that people have far more in common than in contrast.

Aaron is the teacher. He is an educator in the free-school tradition and loves working as facilitating students learning to self-direct their education. A lover of non-fiction and all things healthy, Aaron is enjoying slowly traveling around the world. He has a particular affinity for the Lake Atitlan area in Guatemala but was less enamored with busy Panama City. A thinker of deep thoughts, Aaron is highly interested in realizing a deeper understanding of his personal role in our greater universe and in being the most responsible global citizen he can be. His travel goals include becoming conversant in Spanish, Mandarin, and Arabic, exploring alternative methods of healing, and  learning how to say “this is delicious” in every language he encounters. Of all the places he has visited so far, the Czech Republic has been his favorite due to its reputation as a hub for historical alchemists. 

Jenni is the writer. She has journeyed through many countries since her fist international trip as an undergrad student. She has a special affection for India and has made the trek to the subcontinent four times!  Over the span of more than 15 years, Jenni has worked with babies, children, and youth in a number of capacities and is currently using the space and clarity afforded by long-term travel to commit her thoughts on those experiences to paper. Some of her favorite life experiences have included getting married on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, walking the Taj Mahal at sunrise, learning to scuba dive in the Red Sea in Egypt, attending a wedding in India, “swimming” with her foster daughter in the Dead Sea in Jordan, walking through the monsoon rains in Kolkata with that same (less amused) foster daughter, drawing in her journal with rural school children in India, and floating down the Ganges at sunrise AND sunset. Among other things, Jenni is particularly interested in ethical travel and never shies away from the bigger questions life throws her way.  

We are a family that believes in living life in a fully present manner. This means traveling, exploring, trying new activities, eating new foods, pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zones, enjoying “now” instead of worrying about later, being open to new possibilities, and discovering more about ourselves everyday.

We are a family that believes community still exists. We believe this to be true all over the world and we actively seek to participate in this greater community. This means giving as much as we get, assuming good intentions until proven otherwise, respecting and honoring differences, and accepting that as much as we enjoy our individuality, we can still acknowledge our inter-dependency with a greater community.

We do not subscribe to a traditional understanding of what “education” means. We do not believe an education is best gained within the four walls of a classroom and we oppose the idea that education takes place within a certain time frame. People are constantly learning, adapting, and growing based on their environment. We choose to create an environment rich with educational opportunities.

We believe the world is a complex and ever-changing organism, made up of an infinite number of experiences, moments, and stories. It is at times beautiful and at times ugly. The world is simultaneously infinitely large and impossibly small. It has the power to both create and destroy. We believe the world has so much to teach us and that above all, our youngest citizens should be exposed to the world at every possible opportunity. We allow ourselves and our companion travelers the freedom to explore, time to discover, and personal space to make sense of things.

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