Paris At Night

The sun’s rays hitting the surface of the Eiffel Tower are replaced by the glittering light bulbs as the sun sets. Everywhere in Paris, the city is transformed into a luminous Lighthouse attracting the inhabitants of the night. The city offers a variety of experiences for all travellers looking for a memorable evening in Paris.

There are cabarets that offer visual entertainment and nightclubs where the best DJs in the world play the latest dance numbers. The more culturally adapted Traveler has the possibility to visit the museums open until late at night and go on walking tours and bus tours to explore the fascinating facets of the city.

You can also enjoy champagne during a cruise dinner as you float by watching the monuments of Paris or indulge in a romantic dinner in one of the many Michelin star restaurants. Paris at night is more than a destination, it’s an experience waiting to be experienced!

What to do in Paris at night

1. Watch a Cabaret show

Cabarets de Paris have existed since the 16th century, first as meeting places for artists and writers, then as places for kitsch dance and entertainment. Today, they have emerged as eclectic entertainment venues offering a nightlife in Paris with exquisite meals and fantastic entertainment. The Cabarets feature beautiful girls who dance on haunting choreographies, extravagant costumes and settings, and amusing and mind-boggling secondary acts. From the legendary Moulin Rouge to the opulence of high-tech production in the Lido; from the affordable luxury of Latin Paradise to the risky Crazy Horse, The Parisian Cabarets guarantee an unforgettable evening in Paris!

2. See the Eiffel Tower

The horizon line of Paris changed forever in 1989 with the construction of the Eiffel Tower. Standing at 125m, the “Iron Lady” is a sight to see! The metallised exterior displays the strength while exuding a beauty that few architectural wonders possess. One of the best things to do in Paris at night is to visit the Eiffel Tower, flamboyant in all its splendour. The tower shines with more than 20,000 light bulbs and attracts visitors like moths! The tower is also open until midnight and visitors can see the sparkling city at the top of the tower.

3. Head to a museum

Synonymous with history and culture, Paris has been the protector of the richness of art throughout the centuries. with more than 100 museums, Paris has a museum for everything. If you’re wondering what to do in Paris at night, then a night at the museum is the best way to spend it! The Louvre’s most famous museum is open on Wednesdays and Fridays until 9.45 p.m. and the Musée d’orsay is open until 9.45 p.m. on Thursdays. Crowds dwindle in the evening and allow you to explore the treasures of museums at your own pace.